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 The Voyces

Kevin Reeves, Director
In early 1997 Kevin Reeves brought together 17 outstanding Ottawa singers to form a new chamber ensemble, Seventeen Voyces. It is dedicated to achieving the highest level of choral excellence, and the performance of musical gems 'off the beaten track.' Its small size inherently creates a suppleness and clarity of sound which has delighted the most discerning of audiences.
Soprano Alto

Donna Ager
Barbara Delong
Lise Maisonneuve
Ilene McKenna

Gwen Millar
Barbara Okun
Valerie Pereboom
Topp Tolson

Tenor Bass
Bertrand Doucet
Harold Swaffield
John Whyte

Michael Hartney
Julian Kolibaiev
Joel Nordenstrom

Board of Directors
John Goldsmith
Gordon Metcalfe
Rob Coleman
Kevin Reeves
Joel Nordenstrom
Peggy Nankivell
Carolyn McMaster
Margaret Terrett
Jacqueline Surges
Choir Director (ex officio)
Choir Liaison
Public Relations

Communications and Administration Manager